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   Today: Last Update: 01 April 2013




Main robotic platform:

Caliper Life Sciences ALH3000 Liquid Handling Station, Twister II Plate Handler, Aquamax DW4 Dispenser (Molecular Devices), Plate Washer (BioTek), 180 microplate capacity Stack Storage, 530 microplate capacity automated tissue culture incubator (LiCONic Instruments); all integrated in a Class II Biosafety cabinet (CCL).

Support Robotics:

Caliper Life Sciences Zephyr Compact Liquid Handling Station with environmental enclosure.

Caliper ALH3000 Low Volume Head

Agilent Technologies PlateLoc plate heat sealer and ‘VCode’ microplate labeler; integrated with a BenchCel 2R plate handling robot.


Main Robotic Platform
LISA's main robotic platform


LISA's 530 plate capacity TC incubator


  Plate Management System
LISA's Microplate Management System